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Manage cost-friendly spare parts

There are so many factors of why the spare parts management takes unnecessary cost that actually could be allocated in to something more important than just being wasted into spare parts:

  1. You may have too many duplicates and obsolete parts in your eam system and it is troublesome to eliminate some of them from the system.
  2. Having problems in adding parts to the catalog bulk in at a time.
  3. Some inaccuracy in naming and classifying parts in your eam system that makes it difficult to choose the right important parts and analyze the parts data.
  4. Difficulty in identifying the correct parts to complete work orders also adds to excessive cost because the maintenance workers needs a lot of time and it could result to misorder parts.

Those are only a few of example situations that could put spare parts management wastes unnecessary cost that actually could be pressed down. Therefore, improving and even change the way you handle your spare part management is a must to-do in order to minimize your expense.

The question is, what steps that your company should do to solve the money-waste problem? The following are the solutions to your problems:

  1. Acquiring efficient method to eliminate duplicate and obsolete parts
  2. Having a system that able to filter the selection on your catalog of EAM parts.
  3. Aiming for automated procedures for classifying, renaming and adding characteristics to the different parts in your system, you need to obtain qualified  cleansing and standardization features.
  4. Managing efficiently control the addition, deletion or changing of materials features.

If you are having difficulty in following the steps above, Hepelle is capable to be the answer of all your problems. Our main specialty is to source for spare parts for your automation needs, regardless of whether it’s new, reconditioned or even obsolete.

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